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Sinophobia, fear of china, fear of chinese, and fear of chinese culture

Getting Help

What do you call Sinophobia? Click the common name that sounds right to you:


Treatment: Two Choices

At CTRN we are specialists at helping sinophobes, and those with related problems. There’s two ways to work with us:

Causes & Sinophobic Symptoms

There can be quite a few reasons why a person experiences sinophobia. Pick one of the links of different names for this fear to learn more.

Drugs & Medication

While you should always follow your doctor’s advice with a href=”//sinophobia/medication-and-drugs/”>drugs and medications for Sinophobia, we are generally not in favor of using pharmaceuticals and recommend an approach that tackles the root cause of the problem.

Meds may seem to help in the short-term by ‘covering’ the symptoms, but the problem is that they can never cure the core issue of the fearful patterns of thinking that are the automatic reaction to the chinese.

To learn more about overcoming sinophobia permanently, without drugs, follow one of these links: